Isha Upanishad – Verse 15 & 16

Verse 15

With life, like gifts we are stuck with the outer wrapper. We have not opened the gift. The prayer comes here “O nourisher, lift that veil – If I could find truth myself, it is not truth at all.” It is smaller than one. The highest can only be achieved by blessing, it cannot be attained by myself. The prayer is that the face of truth is covered by a veil – please lift this veil, so I can see the truth.

Earth upholds life. That which upholds the spirit is dharma.

Verse 16

The verse of self realisation.

Different aspects of one’s consciousness will enable the mind to experience or not to experience. All the different attributes of the consciousness have to give way, so you can realise “I am that”. Similarly, in meditation, when you take the attention to different parts of the body different things happen eg the body assumes a different posture. When you are having a one on one conversation, the consciousness is different to when you are addressing a crowd. With many different things, the consciousness assumes many different forms. When your intellect is so sharp or alert – the consciousness assumes a form so that meditation does not happen. Here, when you say “I want to get out of misery” – it doesn’t happen.

Here, the prayer is to disseminate your brilliance – so that I may see your auspiscious form. Punsha is the one who lives in the town, where the town is the Human Body. The one who lives in the human body is me. The prayer to the punsha is “Let me see – I am that!”. (SOHAM)

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