Isha Upanishad – Final Verses 17&18 (Very Profound!)

Verse 17 & 18 – The Final Verses of Isha Upanishad

All cultures put ash on the body. The purpose is to remind us that the skin is going to turn into ashes. When we know this we get that dispassion and we don’t do something wrong. If you know someone is going to turn to ashes you will never get angry with them again, and all negativity towards them will disappear.

Remember what you have done – and what you have to do.

“OM” is the true name of ME that is unmanifest. It is my oldest name and the one name of the spirit you can hear in deep meditation.

Verse 18

This is a prayer to lead us along a righteous path. How does sound get generated? From the cell, in conjunction with the intellect. The big mind with the heat/prana then moves through the vocal cords to produce sound. Each letter that we speak has a particular point in the body which it impacts on more than other points. It’s the fire in you that makes you think and moves you. It also makes you angry, jealous and other negative emotions.

Fire also means the original unblemished consciousness. All that we can wish for is “Let this fire in me lead me down a righteous path. Let my thoughts be good – let me not wish bad upon anyone”. The fire has this quality that it purifies things eg. Impure gold •
pure gold. Even air has this quality. If there is anything that we should pray for, it’s to ask for the fire in me to move in the right
direction. Also pray “may noble thoughts lead me in the right direction”. There are many  philosophies. Philosophies don’t move people – examples move people.

People are not moved by principle, they are moved by people. The truth is covered by gold. You may find things that are so charming, but don’t just stop there, go a little further. Whatever is charming in life, enjoy it, but with a sense of detachment for beyond this there lies the truth. Pray to the Lord Almighty to show you the path beyond this.

Everybody prays when they are miserable. Nobody prays when they are happy. If everyone prayed when they are happy why would sorrow touch them. The Divine knows the deed before you can even do it, no explanation is required.

Don’t feel guilty about doing something, and don’t feel a victim. A guilty conscience and a victim conscience moves you away from spirituality.

It’s the divine consciousness that brings down all the dust and sins of the past – just like a fire. When this happens we feel physically healthy and spiritually uplifted – and when this happens, our behaviour becomes spontaneously sweet.

Jai Gurudev

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