Isha Upanishad – Verse 8

If you think that you are managing the whole world, you are mistaken. There were two lizards on the roof, one said “it is nice and sunny outside, lets go and take a walk” – the other said “If I leave, who will old the roof?”!

Billions of people have come and gone, they get this illusion that they own it all – and then they disappear. There is an intelligence taking care of the universe. We think in terms of everything being mechanised, but when you see things from the eyes of a child everything is alive – the sun, moon etc. We were born on this planet knowing the whole universe is filled with life – and that is the truth. But as we grew up, we started thinking everything is programmed and automatic. Atheists cannot accept something is alive and dynamic – even intelligence to them seems to be mechanised and lifeless. Spiritualists consider the whole universe to be alive and vibrant with intelligence. And that intelligence is what you are.

The spirit is formless. The consciousness is formless – this is what is emphasised in Islam.

That which is formless, which is ever present can be perceived in all the forms – See all the forms in it. What we perceive as a form is also formless. Eg. An ice cube is also made of water.

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