Isha Upanishad – Verse 7 (How Not to Hate)

How not to hate?

First we have to think – from where does hatred come? Hatred comes because we think other people are the cause of our misery, our problems, our pain. When you get a glimpse of the consciousness deep inside you – you know that is the master, and that is taking care – then hatred disappears. The moment it disappears from your heart, it also disappears from your world. One who sees himself in all beings and all beings in himself – that one’s approach towards events and problems in life just changes. Where is the delusion and where is the greed for one who experiences oneness.

All elements in creation are part of that one consciousness – whether water vapour, ice etc – it is all one. Everything is part of one energy, one being, one self. Grief is centred around you. You are sad because you have lost something which is yours. How do we transcend this? By making it bigger. Don’t think that just this is yours – everything is yours. Not just this house is yours – everything in the world is yours. Where consciousness expands to embrace the world, entanglement disappears. Limited responsibilities create a burden – Unlimited responsibilities -??

Whatever is needed for you and your body will be taken care of, when you know this the lack will disappear from your life. When you realise ISHA permeates your everything you relax and are at ease – that is when things happen. Entanglement brings misery – Desire brings misery.

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