Isha Upanishad – Verse 12 (Two Types of People)

There are two types of people

– Those who focus on what is visible, or what they have ie. Their job, next meal, a movie. They are just focused of their routine and nothing else. They are in a state of inertia and are always attached to what they have. Their life becomes miserable. And they enter into darkness.

– Those who focus on what they don’t have. They have a cake, but they are miserable because there is no cherry on it. Ie. They focus on that which is not manifest. These people enter into greater darkness.

You have things and they are dead for you because once you possess things you don’t spend time with them at all. There are so many things in your house that you just take for granted. We don’t pay attention to what we have, and we don’t know how to deal with things we don’t have.

The bible says “ask and it shall be given unto you” – Ask, but don’t pester! We pester, that’s why it doesn’t come. Rishi’s say – have an intention or sankalpa – and throw that out – it will come to you in its own time. The mango seed will sprout in it’s own time. How do we deal with what we have?

When you put your attention to what you have and see that the whole universe is permeated with divinity -when creation appears to you as a manifestation of bliss and joy – That is when you realise “I am happy” and the shift happens in the consciousness.

Fools are unhappy with what the have and what they don’t have.

The wise are happy with what they have and what they don’t have.

There is no giver of problems or misery in your life. Your own mind makes you miserable, and your own mind makes you happy and uplifted. If you are content with what you have there is no aspiration in life, It is important to have aspirations – but if you are feverish about your aspirations, that itself is an impediment to achieving them. Eg: if you put a cup under a tap that is running at full force, that cup will never get filled with water. You have to runt the tap water at the right speed, so the cup fills up.

This is what happens with people who are too ambitious or feverish. Just have the intention – “This is what I want” – and let it go.

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