Isha Upanishad – Verse 11 (Unmanifested Knowledge is Silence)

You have to live in the world, you have to do your duties and perform them well. The scientific approach is a must in spirituality. Knowing about electricity, medicine, cars etc is all part of avidhya and knowing this is essential in life. Knowing this, you can cross to vidhya and realise that you are love, peace and joy – that is beyond any expression or understanding. The whole idea is to bring a balance to the system and our mind.

For the intelligent, words are only decoration. Real understanding comes through silence…. That is Upanishad. There is nothing like silence that can make you feel the proximity. Words cannot bring you as close to someone. Words are manifest forms of knowledge. Silence is an unmanifest form of knowledge. Silence conveys much more than blah blah blah!

Do you know why human beings love animals more than other humans? Because they communicate with you through silence and you do the same with them.

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  1. Shibani says:

    Awesome ! Very True . I wish I become successful in observing silence all the time .

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