Isha Upanishad – Verse 10 (Truth is Multi Dimensional)

When we think truth is linear then there is only one direction, when we say it is spherical then we appreciate there are many possibilities. Eg. Man coming to ashram from North has to go down the road and turn right, whilst man coming from South has to go up road and turn left.

There is one path with many ways.

Conflicts have existed for centuries because we are used to thinking in a linear dimension – we cannot see there are many possibilities. Another possibility may be that neither through Vidhya or Avidhya can you achieve the truth. Neither through reading/understanding, nor through the experience can we perceive the truth.

It is a skill to hold different realities at the same time and remain healthy. In Schizophrenia, the mind is stuck between two realities and the person cannot balance it.

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