Isha Upanishad – Verse 1

Verse – 1

ISHA means the divine. It is permeating the whole universe and is addressed as energy, not a person. Everything is permeated in that one consciousness. Trees, mountains, water and our bodies – everything is made of ISHA. The whole universe is permeated by ISHA. Not just objects, but even the space between the objects is permeated by ISHA. Wake up and see that the whole universe is infinite – your inner space is as complete as this universe. The universe is permeating your spirit. 

What we consider inert is alive with energy – mountains, cars etc – nothing is dead. Honour your body. Enjoy this world by renouncing it. Protect yourself by giving it up. Give it up before it frustrates you. Your feverishness to hold onto it brings you misery and it is this misery you have to protect yourself from. Renunciation is the protection for your soul – learning to let go can save your soul.

Can you possess anything forever? Usually people discard something by saying it’s useless and let it go. When you bring an element of sacredness into something – their positive qualities sprout, When you remove the sacredness, the negative qualities are enhanced. There are two situations in life – Happy and unhappy. When you are happy, you serve and the happiness remains with you. When you are unhappy the only way to get out of misery is to let it go.

The strength to renounce in misery and willingness to do service when happy are two things to learn in life. Understand your misery is much smaller than those who have bigger problems.

Enjoy this world with a sense of renunciation from within. Life is a journey where you pass many sceneries, allow things to pass by and move ahead, don’t get stuck in any place. The universe is like an animal cracker – it is made up of one thing, but just appears different on the outside. Everything is permeated by one consciousness. Pleasant and unpleasant events are also made up of one divinity.

Unpleasant events make you stronger. Pleasant events expand you. If you cannot let go of the past, you cannot enjoy the future. Renunciation is being in the present moment totally. Nobody can do this for you. You have to do it for yourself.

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