Success in 5 Steps

Achieving success is one of the major problems, facing people in this planet. All of us want to be successful and yet most of us manage to fail, that too, in spite of our best efforts. There is a mad rush to succeed and for many, only the madness results.

Thousands of books are written about the “Secret of Success” and millions of copies sold, but with a largely negative result for the reader, and positive results for the author.

The ancient seers of India considered this phenomenon and puzzle and after long thought, came out with some startling facts and factors. They found that failure generates from us and is reflected to us. They said, “Start with Success.” How could that be when we aim and run after it? When the goal is success; how could it be starting point? To meet this dilemma, they prescribe five golden guidelines.

The first is VASTRA, i.e., take proper care of your dress. Be in tune with the situation. Do not go in flashy clothes to a funeral or in a mourning dress to a party. A person promotes, favourable or unfavourable impression by the dress he wears. Casual dress gets only a casual response.

The second is VAPUSHA, i.e., carry yourself with poise and presentability, with dignity and decorum, in your moves and movements. Even a well-dressed person, behaving in a comic fashion invites ridicule. Behave like a commander and not like a clown, unless you want to join a circus company. Do not forget that you are a decent human being and treat yourself so, if you want decent treatment from others. Even when faced with indecency, respond with firmness and yet with good manners.

The third is VACHA. Use the right word at the right situation. Be clear, concise and correct in expressing your thoughts and views. Do not ramble, as people have no time for your long lectures. Be a good listener and manage to say more “yes” and less “no”. Do not demonstrate your debating skill with one whose favour you need and seek. Most of all, do not try to convince anyone against his will. You will certainly fail in the beginning as also in the end.

Just as you decline to eat something unpalatable, refuse to say something unpalatable to others. In the present day world, even bitter medicines, are given in sugar capsules. So, it is better to lose an argument and win a friend instead of winning an argument and losing a friend. Your words, whether spoken or written, are your ambassadors, and take good care in choosing them.

The fourth gem is VIDHYA, i.e., knowledge of subject. Get adequately prepared for the situation. Do your homework beforehand and with attention, before expressing or exposing yourself. There should be less sound and more sense in your words, and they should be result-oriented. Do not fall in love with your own words. Remember that others are equally or perhaps more wise from their own standpoint.

The fifth and the finest quality is VINAYA, i.e., Humility. The humbler you feel, the higher you will climb towards success. The realisation that “I deserve perhaps only this, even if I may desire more,” leads to more joy than other paths.


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  1. Amazing… Worth reading this every word…

  2. tulika says:

    Jai Gurudeva!
    this knowledge is so beautiful … thank you so much bhaiya.. there is always so much to learn from you 😀

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