Master of Miracles on his visit to Scotland

Time shines its beacon of love on a fortunate few by bringing them under the shelter of bliss and grace of an enlightened master. We feel very fortunate to serve the one who is serving the world tirelessly. His smile is what we carry in us secretly; his touch is that which has put us in touch with our self; his grace has sehelided us in despairand his love has made us complete.

Our heart welcomed our beloved master to his ‘Life – A Celebration’ tour to Scotland from 22nd – 26th June 2004. We are eternally grateful to be chosen to organise and co-ordinate his visit.

“Master of Miracles” – Sri Sri’s visit to Scotland left us with more stories to share of his immense grace which enabled us to organise the visit which witnessed 13 unique events involving the entire political, criminal and justice, Health, and Education system in Scotland also involving the Indian consulate, foreign embassies and over 120 Indian organisations.

In August 2003 after we moved to Scotland, we asked Guruji, if he would like to come to Scotland. Guruji very fondly gave a YES to us and gave us 23rd of June 2004 as the date for his lotus feet to touch the land of spirituality-Scotland.  He said ” You Know…I was waiting to be asked this question for nearly 10 years”. This was his first visit to this country to the benefit of the people of Scotland. He mentioned: He wanted to come to Scotland since a long time and used to think about it when he had to fly over Scotland to other countries.

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