Sri Sri at the Scottish Parliament

Once having the dates was the challenge of what to organise for the whole country to benefit from such a rare opportunity of divine to come in physical form. Other than the standard package of public talks, we wanted to do something big, which would leave a historical mark for people to remember for ages to come. Obviously, the first action was to speak to the Parliament and give our beloved Master being received by them. We wrote to them and sought appointment. This is the best part….Just before entering the parliament building for our meeting; Guruji spoke to us and asked… How is everything? I answered, oh Guruji….we are about to enter the parliament, to request them to invite you to address them!!! And our lovely divine said: Hann!! That’s very good. Don’t be anxious, just tell them Guruji is coming, and observe!!!!

We were surprised with the instructions of Guruji. We did exactly as advised by him. It was effortless and the invitation to Guruji was finalised.

On the visit to the parliament, Guruji was welcomed by the presiding officer himself. And then he was led to meet ministers and religious leaders over a buffet lunch. In the presence of Krishna, suddenly the whole environment was so playful and full of smiles and laughter. Everyone in the room came eagerly to speak to Him  and it was lovely to how Guruji was making a connection with every heart. When the lunch was served, all the ministers were waiting for the stewards to serve the food, but Guruji went onto the food counter and started opening the covers  and then passed a plate in the hand of  a minister and said “I LIKE TO SERVE!!!”

Guruji then was then led to address the Scottish parliament. Normally the speech has a time limit of 4½ Minutes and if someone crosses that time line…they are interrupted with a Thank You. Guess what!!! Guruji spoke for 7 Mins 35 secs; the parliamentarians were so engrossed that they didn’t even bother to note the time. One of the ministers told us after the event, that she has been in the parliament past 3 years, never have they seen anyone receiving such a big round of applause but also an standing ovation!!!!!

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  1. blokes says:

    How simply said but SO POWERFUl!- if every child cannot make 30-40 friends in his/her classroom, how can they be friends with 6 billion people in the world?!!

    Celebrating friendship day, every day…

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