Food for 4 turned for 24

When Guruji visited Scotland, we invited my mother in law to come from India to do all the cooking for Guruji for all the days. One morning Guruji asked her to make some upma and with special instructions to put a lot of vegetables for Lunch. Delighted by Guruji’s choice, she started preparing the food. After an event in the afternoon, Guruji, Bhanu Didi, Gauri and me came home for lunch. As instructed by Guruji, Gauri’s mom had made enough Upma with extra vegetables for 5 of us. One thing I have observed, that Guruji would alwasy ensure that everyone has eaten. Like a mother he would keep watching our plates and ensuring we ate properly. As we were just about to start eating, some 20 people entered the room.

My fault! I forgot to lock the door from inside!!! Guruji had just started eating and all these devotees came in and sat around the dining area. Guruji with all his love asked everyone ” Have you all eaten”. Most of them so that they dont get sent away to eat, replied YES Guruji. But Guruji knows!!! He then turned to Gauri’s mom and said “Serve food to everyone”. Startled by Guruji’s instructions, I looked at Guruji and thought in my head, “Guruji there is only enough food prepared for 5 of us”. Listening to my thoughts Guruji responded ” There will be plenty for everyone”.

Guruji then asked Bhanu didi to bring the small bowl of Upma to him. He blessed the bowl and asked it to be served. Behold! 25 plates were filled with that much of Upma and still the quantity in the bowl did not decrease!!!!

Amazing! Such is the grace of the master!

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  1. blokes says:

    Yup! He did the same miracle at our home too! I had cooked for 70 but 140 people turned up and when I came out after serving him, everyone said that they were too full!!!

  2. Payal says:

    Wow amazing…

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