How Can Knowledge Erase Karma?

Knowledge Can Erase Karma – By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Can u simplify guruji’s words..on knowledge can erase karma… i like it but cud not understand it thoroughly…how knowledge can erase karma…


First of all you should congratulate youself for having this querry! 7 billion people in the world and you are one of the very few ones in them who really have the interest to higher knowledge!

As Guruji says “There is one thing that can erase the karma: Gyana”. Gyana – awareness, Knowledge. Think of life as a flowing water. When the water is stagnent, like in a pond, it is very easy to pollute it. What ever we throw in it, remains there. But it is different in the case of a river. You can never pollute a flowing river as what ever thrown at it, it simply gets washed away and is always clean. Our life and karma are like that.

If the mind is stagnant, if will aquaire more karma, as one will have more impressions in the mind and it is the impressions in the mind which create an action and that becomes a karma. When self knowledge is raised, it also raises the awareness. Inappropriate actions happen due to ignorance or lack of awareness. And hence knowledge not only has the capability to dissolve the past karmas but also prevent new karmas from happening too. And hence from the ancient times, so much of importance is given to self knowledge. The banks of the river is the body, water in the river is the conciousness, karma is the unwanted aquisition of the river, knowledge is the current which gives the stregnth for the river to flow and grace is the ocean where it merges!

One may also think, then how do I raise this self knowledge which can unburden me of the Karma’s and its fruits?

There are 3 ways to it:

1) Study of the Scriptures: Everyday make it a point to read a little bit of knowledge which guides you towards the self. We are very fortunate that with Sri Sri we have abundance of many wonderful ancient scriptures made easily available to us and very simple to understand. Yoga Vashishtha, Ashtavakra Geeta and many many more. Lack of self knowledge also results in fear and that is another very strong impression in the mind and binds one with many prabdha karma’s too.

2) Company of the Holy: As and when you can keep some company of like minded people. Attending satsangs or even spending time in the company of the wise brings so much knowledge and wisdom. This sheilds us from karmas too.

3) Self effort: Purpose of all knowledge is to take your mind inward. Doing the Sudarshan Kriya, Pranayams, Meditations: our practices make knowledge manifest as experiance. So one must have some discipline of sadhana also in life.

Put together, all the Prarabdha karmas cannot be changed and one has to go through its positive or negative effects, however, through the above three measures the effects of it can be minimised and the Sanchita be removed, and Agami can be prevented.

Jai Gurudev

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