World Culture Festival 2016 in Media

World Culture Festival brought together a multitude of cultures from 155 countries to celebrate 35 years of the Art of Living Foundation.

This event was largely covered in the media as well:

The Financial Express: “Art of Living event: Global leaders hail Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s World Culture Festival”

Art of Living event: Cameron sent his invitation in a message through his Conservative Party’s parliamentarian Matthew Offord who attended the AoL’s World Culture Festival here. “British Prime Minister David Cameron has invited you to address the House of Commons whenever you visit UK next time,” Offord said. “People say that no one can change the world but Sri Sri had made a good start. We are seeing a ray of hope,” Cameron was quoted as saying in his message. “Art of Living foundation promotes peace and understanding,” the British prime minister’s message said.  Read more here.

First Post: “World Culture Festival didn’t damage Yamuna floodplain, says NEERI expert giving Art of Living clean chit”

The Art of Living’s gigantic event at the Yamuna floodplain has not damaged the river or the floodplains in any tangible way, let alone in the long term. This statement comes from Dr Rakesh Kumar, environmental scientist, and head of Mumbai office of the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. Read more here.

The Pioneer “Ecozymes turn out to be boon for polluted Yamuna”

Yamuna can regain its glory if enzyme treatment is administered into the river. Marked changes were noticed by the environmentalists after enzyme was poured into the Barapulla drain during the World Culture Festival (WCF) organised on Yamuna floodplains by Art of Living (AOL). Read more here.

See beautiful pictures from The Wall Street Journal Blog “In Pictures: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s World Cultural Festival”. Click here.

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35 ways in which AOL has changed my life by Juhi Munjal


  1. Art of Living took away my regrets of the past and my anxieties of the future, and helped me remain fixated in the present, thereby making me lighter and happier
  2. Art of Living taught me how to ‘live’ by teaching me how to breathe correctly.
  3. Art of Living instilled a continued and impartial sense of belonging, made me connect with people irrespective of any pre-conceived notions and biases.
  4. Art of Living made me conscious and aware of my ecology, my environment, our lovely nature and taught me to value everything in it true form
  5. After doing the Art of Living program, I became more tolerant and accepting of situations and people, while cutting down on frustration
  6. Art of Living made simple rituals like morning prayers, navratri homas and mantra chanting so enchanting. I can now enjoy the subtle and energizing vibrations of chanting and prayers.
  7. I discovered an undying zeal for life – irrespective of highs and lows. It made me understand that life is not to be lived in theories and expectations, but in faith and gratitude.
  8. Art of Living has taught me how to be grateful for every moment of my life. Events come and go, but I’m strong enough to maintain my sense of balance and equanimity now
  9. Art of Living has definitely made me more creative. From craftwork to Powerpoint presentations, I am more creative in my expression and communication
  10. I have started understanding myself more, and introspecting on my habits and patterns. I engage in useful monologues with myself that help me find important answers about myself and my life
  11. After meeting the man behind this great organization, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I started finding love and beauty in almost everything – a blooming flower, the rising sun, an innocent child’s laughter.
  12. Art of Living gave me a sense of purpose and a goal to live for in life. It brought depth and quality to my thoughts and actions
  13. Art of Living got me hooked to a healthy way of life, with practices like yoga and breathing techniques
  14. With regular practice of the Sudarshan Kriya, taught by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I experienced greater clarity in thought, sincerity in action and purity in heart.
  15. I now feel I give 100% to every moment — be it attending an office party or sitting in a melodious satsang on a Sunday.I enjoy the best of both the worlds
  16. Art of Living has made my anger very expensive and smile cheaper. My emotion budgeting in life has improved considerably
  17. AOL gave me a family outside a family.I found friends and well wishers who are tied to me by mentality, mindset, thought and belief. I feel fortunate that I found people who understand both my words and my silence
  18. Art of Living made me accept my life’s current circumstances as God’s gifts.
  19. I found myself getting more comfortable in my skin and love myself for who I am.
  20. Art of Living made me reject the junk food, I am able to just look at some foods and know whether my system needs them or not
  21. With Art of Living, I blossomed into a dependable professional, friend, daughter and citizen.
  22. With Art of Living, I learnt how to cope with fear and banish it as a deterrent emotion
  23. I learnt how to silence my inner noise and get more intuitive
  24. I learnt how to speak the truth, whilst not hurting the listener
  25. I learnt how to work together with people
  26. I learnt how to smile in the middle of total chaos
  27. I have learnt how to be disciplined
  28. I learnt the skill of efficiency, with time management and multi-tasking
  29. I understood the true meaning of patriotism and tolerance
  30. I found a joy higher than the walls of marriage, job, children and money
  31. I started valuing all my relationships even more
  32. I understood that life is like a moving river
  33. My interpersonal skills improved considerably
  34. I felt more confident and alert
  35. I said goodbye to my old ignorant self


Learn more about the forthcoming World Culture Festival: or

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Stress Management through the Happiness Program based on my personal experience by Jannishtha

shutterstock_337706366It began one school holiday when we were about to leave for a family vacation. I was brushing my teeth in the early one morning and I suddenly collapsed on the bathroom floor. I awoke a few hours later to find my mum and cousin next to me looking worried. My mouth was sore, from the impact of hitting the ground and from biting my tongue. I felt like my memory had been wiped clean.

A few weeks later, after another attack, I was taken to a neurologist and diagnosed with epilepsy. Coming from a conservative Indian background, my family’s first fear was that I would be alienated from the society, but they reassured me that everything would be alright as long as the community didn’t find out. I started taking anti-epileptic drugs and tried to gain control over my body again. I say this because a seizure makes you feel absolutely powerless over your muscle movements, your mind becomes totally vulnerable and you want to desperately hold onto something in the hope that it will make the jerking stop – but it doesn’t.

I was always an A-student, with outstanding merits and achievements. After my diagnosis, one of the main challenges as a scholar, was keeping up with the school curriculum when my mind and body weren’t cooperating. I had difficulty studying and remembering things. On top of that, I had to deal with people suddenly avoiding me and laughing behind my back. Only later did I realise that I had developed a horrible body odour, which was a side-effect of the medication I was taking. No amount of washing or perfumes could take away the smell, so my medication was changed soon after. The new medication brought new hope since it was the best on the market. Things seemed to be falling into place and I thought I would be fine, as long as I stuck to my new diet plan and took my medication on time. However, I continued to have fits and still couldn’t pinpoint what had that triggered them.

In 2009, while completing my final year of studies for my undergraduate degree, I began to feel very helpless and had a strong urge to change something in my life. Quite by chance, I attended the Art of Living Part 1 course, now known as the Happiness Program, where I learnt a powerful breathing technique, called the Sudarshan Kriya, which is known to flush out toxins and synchronize the body’s natural rhythms. Stress is the main cause of the build-up of toxins, which results in our bodies being vulnerable to disease. Yet stress is an inevitable phenomenon in today’s busy world.

With the breathing technique, I learnt to harness the energy that built up before a seizure and redirect it towards calming my mind, which in turn calmed down my body and prevented an attack. I incorporated yoga, meditation and a healthy diet into my daily routine. The techniques taught on the course together with the practical knowledge allowed me to gain strength and move forward. Not only was I excelling again in my academic career, but I also built up a sort of resistance to that dreaded stress. Following this, my medication was reduced to half the initial dose and for four years now I have been on the lowest possible dosage of medication the doctors say is possible for prevention.

At 27, I have completed a masters’ degree in genetics, with distinction. I am proud to say that epilepsy has not taken over my life, but has in fact empowered me and made me a fighter. We’re often told that when faced with a difficult situation we should breathe, let go and listen to our hearts. In reality however, your heart is pounding, you have a million thoughts racing through your head and you can’t even catch your breath. That calm, that peace, that total freedom and absolute stillness, I’ve only ever experienced after doing Sudarshan Kriya. It’s not that I don’t feel any negative emotions anymore. It’s not even that I don’t have issues to deal with or that my problems magically disappear. I’ve just found that I am able to clear my head so that I can find the solutions. This is why when I see others like me, I feel inspired to share Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision for the World Culture Festival, which is… to make life a celebration, regardless of your circumstances.

By Jannishtha

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Art of Living steps up relief work in Sinjar in Iraq

Bangalore. November 7 2014: The International Association for Human Values, a sister concern of The Art of living along with few NGO’s in Iraq have collected 110 tonnes of food supplies to be delivered to Yazidi refugees on Sinjar mountains. So far the volunteers of the organization have air lifted One and a half ton of relief material to be distributed in the relief camps. Meanwhile, the airlifting of relief material continues.

The Art of living Founder , Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had earlier called on Governments of Europe, America and India to save the thousands of Yazidis trapped in the Sinjar Mountains In Iraq. “America has heeded to our call of help and yesterday they obliged with two helicopters to airlift One and a half tonnes of food grains. We still have several tonnes of food grains waiting to be lifted to the people trapped in the Sinjar mountains,”shared Sri Sri.

Sri Sri will be visiting the relief camps where IAHV will also hold a conference in the Kurdish capital of Erbil on November 20th titled “Protecting Women and Bringing Stability and Peace”. Thousands of Christians, Yazidis and Kurdish Shias are languishing in camps in Erbil, Duhok and Khazir.

Appealing for generous contribution, Mawahib Shaibani, Program Director, IAHV, for Iraq said, “Currently, the people in the relief camps lack basic items for survival, such as food, clothing and hygienic kits. They are in a very poor psychological state. We have proposed the establishment of an integrated educational program in the province to help the Yazidis students at the Camp and outside it, therefore we need stationery for the students. We have also proposed setting up of toilets and bathrooms. We also plan to provide basic foodstuff to the Camp periodically.”

Since the early stages of the ISIS insurgence in Iraq, over 1.5 million Iraqis have been internally displaced or forced to flee across borders for their safety. The Art of Living and International Association For Human Values of The Art of Living has been working to bring relief to refugees and internally displaced people (IDP). From its base in Erbil, the team has brought relief in the form of food, water and hygiene products to 5 different camps, each camp sheltering 550 Iraqi families. IAHV has reached more than 2,000 families.

Art of living work in Iraq: The Art of Living made a commitment to spread the message of peace and non-violence in Iraq. Since September 2003 when Art of Living began trauma relief initiatives, around 10,000 people from Iraq have found relief from the stress-elimination breathing techniques.

Adding momentum to the initiatives, and with an aim of healing the wounds of war, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited Iraq from May 21 to May 24, 2007 with his message of peace and non-violence. It was for the first time that an Indian spiritual leader was officially invited by the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Sri Sri signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Youth Ministry under which The Art of Living offered special leadership programs for Iraqi youth.  Along with Mr. Sayed Abdallah Al Musawi, a leading Iraqi religious leader, he distributed certificates to women who have completed training in tailoring skills at the Art of Living’s Women Empowerment Center in Baghdad. The center has been empowering hundreds of Iraqi women providing them financial independence through vocational training.

Despite volatile conditions, Sri Sri visited the country for the second time in less than two years, reaffirming his commitment to rebuild Iraq and galvanize people to work towards a stress-free and violence-free Iraq.55 Iraqi youth were sent by the government of Iraq for a month-long training conducted by the Art of Living Foundation from August to September 2007.699 women survivors of violence in Baghdad and 240 in Kurdistan received training to relieve stress and trauma and skills to cope with life’s challenges under the Al Azhar Program.224 women have received vocational training in tailoring and 117 in computers. 33 women have been trained by IAHV and USAID on applying for jobs through Foras and to find placement with 400 private companies.

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What makes you fearless?


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Unconditional Love


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Be Trusted! Be Loved! Be Divine!


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Photo Gallery from ISPA Conference in Las Vegas


A few pictures from backstage of a Shankara Commercials’ video shoot.

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